The sale of Flu Vaccination Vouchers is conducted in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Sale. However, we have listed some of the more common questions we get asked.

You can buy your vouchers at any time but they won’t be activated until the flu vaccine has been approved for release by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian Government’s medicines regulator.

2023 Flu Vaccination Vouchers remain valid until 31st of July 2023 and while many pharmacies will be able to offer vaccination until that date, other pharmacies may conclude their vaccination services earlier in the year. If a pharmacy has concluded services, please check our store finder for alternative locations.

Each pharmacy sets their own clinic requirements. We have included information in our store finder on whether bookings are ‘required’, ‘preferred’ or ‘not necessary’ for each pharmacy as well as how to make bookings where required.

Our vouchers will be emailed to your inbox immediately if you purchase and pay online. Vouchers purchased on invoice will be sent once payment has been received.

Flu Vaccination Vouchers have no value as they are only exchangeable for flu vaccinations.

In general – yes. While health services are generally GST free, GST must be paid in some circumstances such as when an employer pays for the service. There are exceptions such as if an individual is paying for their own vaccination or the employer is an Australian, State or Local Government. There is an option when purchasing vouchers to remove the GST for eligible purchasers.

If no service providers are listed for your postcode, there are no pharmacies offering vaccinations in your area. Try surrounding postcodes until you find your nearest participating pharmacy.

No. A Flu Vaccination Voucher can be redeemed by anyone who possesses it in the same way as retail gift cards. Please note this also means that you should keep Flu Vaccination Vouchers safe to avoid them being misused.

No, 2023 Flu Vaccination Vouchers will expire on 31st July 2023. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for unused vouchers.

No, you can order as many or as few vouchers as you need.

No, because you have agreed to the terms and conditions which include the main reasons as to why you may not be suitable to receive a vaccine.

Yes. We use encrypted secure servers backed by NAB Transact’s online payment system.

You can pay online by using a debit or credit card, or we can invoice you. If you pay online, your vouchers will be emailed to you immediately. For invoiced clients, vouchers will be emailed once payment has been received.

Printable Flu Vaccination Vouchers are emailed as PDF attachments. Please ensure you provide a valid email address for the delivery of vouchers and check your spam folder if vouchers are not received.

No, but you can reprint it from the original email. Please be aware that if someone has found the lost voucher, they may present it for vaccination before you, which will cause your voucher to be invalidated.

It only takes a few minutes to get vaccinated and you will need to stay in the pharmacy for at least 15 minutes as a safety precaution after you get vaccinated.

No. This is a workplace/private program and is not eligible for Medicare. Under the Health Insurance Act, none of the cost of an employer-initiated health initiative can be billed to Medicare.

No. This is a workplace/private program. If you are eligible for a free flu vaccine and wish to receive a government funded flu vaccine, you should contact your own GP to arrange this.

In some states it is a requirement that the pharmacist notify your GP. Where this is not the case, you are encouraged to tell your GP that you have had a flu vaccination but it is not essential. The choice is yours.

Yes. Pregnant women are at higher risk of severe flu and the National Health and Medical Research Council, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Royal Australasian College of General Practitioners all recommend flu vaccination for pregnant women. Pharmacists overwhelmingly support this and offer flu vaccination to pregnant women however some pharmacists may prefer to refer customers to their GP for this service.

No. There are a variety of reasons that pharmacies discontinue the delivery of services including vaccine availability and pharmacy staff changes. Fluvaccinationvouchers.com.au cannot be responsible for the supply of vaccines or the accuracy of the pharmacy lists. The details of participating pharmacies are supplied to fluvaccinationvouchers.com.au by the pharmacies and we rely on them to update us of any changes. In these circumstances, please use our store finder to locate an alternative service provider.

Yes. Over the last three years, the laws and regulations governing the administration of vaccines by pharmacists have been updated to reflect the changing role of pharmacists. Pharmacists have been undertaking specialised training to prepare them to safely deliver these services and deal with the unlikely event of a serious reaction to a vaccine.

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